One Year with Nova, or How I Became a "Dog Person"

It's been about 1 year since we were first introduced to the most recent member of our family. She loved us all right from the start, and we took her in knowing that she'd change all of our lives for the better.  Nova, our German Shepherd mix, was about 11 months old when my husband and I adopted her from the Winnipeg Humane Society.  At the time, we had a 3 year old who we knew wanted to love dogs, but was a little bit afraid of them.  And we had a newborn baby.  So adopting a pet was kind of a big deal!

Anyone who knows me will say I'm not much of a dog person.  I grew up with cats, and have always been more inclined to have a cat for a pet.  But I knew when I met Nova that she'd be the right fit for us.  And here's the thing -- I didn't want my kids to grow up with the same fear of dogs that I suffered from until I was a teenager.  To this day I feel uncomfortable around dogs that I don't know!    

Now I look at my kids interacting with Nova, and I see the love they all have for each other and I know we made the right decision.  She's so, so great with them.  And my kids have a best friend for life.  L has always known her, so he and Nova are tight.  He shares everything with her, from his lunch to his favourite toys to his bottles and sippy cups.  It's adorable.  And D loves to snuggle with Nova on the floor and watch TV, and loves playing with her and taking her for walks.  It's been amazing watching her love for animals grow into something more than I can personally say I've ever felt.  As for me?  I can no longer imagine my life without Nova!  That being said, she is a pretty cool dog.  Even our mail carrier thinks she's fantastic.  :)

Do you have a family pet too?  Tell me about it!