#Christmas Nostalgia - Sharing #Traditions With My Kids

The kids and I have spent this past week getting ready for Christmas.  There's still time, but last year I was so last minute with everything (probably in part because I had a 3 month old baby) that this year I felt like I had to make up for it.  D and I have been busy painting little wooden Christmas ornaments, setting up the tree and stringing lights together.  It's been so much fun sharing these things with her, and watching her eyes light up with excitement every time we talk about the holidays.

Recently, my Mom invited my family and my brother's family over for dinner, to present us with some gifts.  I wasn't sure what she could possibly have for us so close to Christmas, but we went over and enjoyed a fun night watching my two kids and my 9 month old niece play together.  Just before it was time to go, Mom walked out with two wrapped presents - One for me and my kids, and one for my brother and my niece.  She told us to unwrap them at the same time. What was inside completely blew me away... It was magical.  It was childhood and Christmas and love and memories and joy.  Actually, it was a felt Advent calendar, but it brought all of those wonderful feelings along with it.  When I was a child, probably no older than 2 years of age, my Mom made this felt Advent calendar for me.  You've probably seen the design before, it's been a popular craft for Moms and Grandmas everywhere.  :)  A huge, sparkling green Christmas tree and 24 little pockets - each one filled with a new ornament to velcro on to the tree, one day at a time.  I remember my Mom making this, up late at night, gluing sequins and sewing little bells and creating each one so carefully.  When my brother was born, she made one for him too.  A stocking, to be filled with little ornaments and tiny presents.  Gorgeous!  Recently, Mom pulled these calendars out of storage and she tidied them up, fixed up the falling off bits and made them sturdy again to give to her grandchildren.  I was so touched! 

Sharing this fun tradition with my daughter has been awesome.  She loves the calendar and can't wait to stick her ornament up every morning.  I hope this is something we'll be able to take care of, and pass down to her own children some day.  I hope that some day, it will mean as much to her as it does to me.

Do you have any ornaments or decorations that you've passed down to your own kids?  Any special pre-Holiday traditions that you share?  Tell me about them :)