@HTC One X Smartphone #Review

I was given the opportunity to review the HTC One X Smartphone for the month of November. This particular phone features the following:
  • Download, stream and surf on 4G LTE speeds while multitasking without missing a beat
  • Capture it all by shooting stunning 1080p video and still photos on the dual-shutter 8MP camera at the same time
  • View your creations or downloaded movies in vivid detail on a 4.7-inch HD display with a tough, long lasting Gorilla Glass™ screen
  • Easily manage your photos and video by uploading to Dropbox and managing seamlessly from your Gallery
  • Rock out to your favorite tunes as they were meant to be heard with revolutionary Beats™ Audio and Beats headphones

I really, really like this phone!  I've been considering the purchase of a new smartphone for a while now, and have been mulling over many different options.  There's lots to love about the HTC One X, starting with the fantastic screen size.  It's so easy to see what you're doing.  It's great for reading on the go, messaging, using apps like Pinterest, or ANY work related tasks.  Which brings me to my next point -- The email interface is nice as well.  I like being able to scroll through messages quickly, when I don't have a lot of time.  Sorting through what matters and deleting what doesn't is a breeze.  Working with Android as opposed to iOS has been great, and I appreciate that the phone seems to do as well with business or work related tasks as it does for fun!  It's so quick - when you need something done on the go, you can count on the One X to do the job without any hiccups.  The camera on the HTC is wonderful.  I've taken several pics of my kids and have been amazed with the quality of the photos and videos.  Being able to capture them when they're "in the moment" has been so much fun.  Sometimes you just don't have the digital cam near by, so it's nice to know that you can trust the camera on the HTC One X to do a great job!   

I am truly sold on the HTC One Smartphone and have put it at the top of my "I WANT!" list. :)  What kind of phone are you currently using?  Do you think you'd consider switching to an HTC?