Communicate With Your #Baby - Guest Post By @MySmartHands

Communicating with infants and toddlers can be such a challenge!  I'm a firm believer in baby sign language, and have used it with both of my kids.  It's been a life saver, and I often recommend it to other parents.  That's why I was so excited to connect with Laura Berg, Founder of My Smart Hands, and Author of The Baby Signing Bible and to have the chance include a guest post from her about the benefits of teaching baby sign to your children.  Enjoy! 

Baby signing was once thought to be a fad but now we know it is here to stay and is a great tool for parents to use when raising their children. It can be very nerve-racking when your baby is crying and you have no idea why. Let the guessing game begin! Not a fun game to play, one that can be frustrating to both parent and baby. Sign language has lessened the frustration of not knowing what your baby wants. Because babies are able to sign before they can speak they are able to communicate to you at a much earlier age taking that annoying, and not fun, guessing game out of the equation. Plus, teaching your baby sign language is fun! You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of sign language, you can easily learn as your baby does. It is really rather simple to do. Just look up a sign for a word that you’d like to teach and show the baby that word.  Pick just a couple of words to start with. Milk is a great first sign to teach because it is such a huge part of the baby’s day. A few other great signs are eat, more, finished, mommy, daddy or any item that your baby is interested in. You’ll find signing opens up a whole new world of communication for you and your baby! Be consistent and have fun!

For helpful information and videos on baby signing please visit our My Smart Hands website http://www.mysmarthands.com or You Tube channel at www.youtube.com/smarthandsCA

For a great baby signing book check out The Baby Signing Bible written by My Smart Hands founder Laura Berg. http://www.mysmarthands.com/babysigningbible



  1. I love you tagline, "I'd rather be a mother than anyone on earth." The passion in that speaks volumes. I feel that way about being a wife and one day (if my body ever decides to cooperate), I'm sure that'll change to "wife and mom," but home is most certainly where my heart is.

    1. Aww, thanks so much! Being a Mom and a Wife is wonderful. I hope one day that you get the family you are hoping for! Home is where the heart is, for sure. :)


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