Create New Years Keepsakes with VistaPrint.ca

Now that it's 2013, I am thrilled to begin another year of creating wonderful memories with my family!  That's not all though, I always enjoy choosing a new calendar to move through the year with.  After all, it's my go-to place for planning and organizing my family's activities and appointments.  I would be completely lost without it!  This year I am looking forward to turning the pages of my brand new personalized wall calendar thanks to Vista Print.

 Vista Print offers such amazing ideas and options to personalize items for your family and friends.  There are so many ways to create affordable, unique gifts, with a variety of items available, such as mugs, t-shirts and tote bags... And what I really love is how customizable everything is.  They make great keepsakes for the people you love, and putting together something like a calendar with photos of your loved ones can be a fun craft project to do with your kids as well.  My daughter loves going through old photographs with me -- Pictures of when she was a baby, or when her little brother was first born.  Doing something like this, allowing her to choose the pictures, customize the colour, backgrounds, etc. is a great way to involve her in something she'll get to appreciate all year long!  I love that!

Do check out Vista Print for all kinds of craft ideas.  They're a great way to get everybody involved in gift giving, or even in items you can take pride in around your own home.  After all, what better way to remember 2012, than to re-live the special moments throughout the new year?  

Why not do something different this year and create your own calendars for family and friends!  Visit www.VistaPrint.ca to get started on your own Calendar or other craft projects to share.