An Awesome Lego Duplo Play Date #LEGODUPLOPlay

As a Lego Duplo Play Agent, I was given the opportunity to throw a super fun Duplo bash with the new line of Toddler Duplo, for a few of my favourite kids!  It was so much fun working off of the Duplo theme, and creating a great little play date for my two munchkins. We invited my niece, as well as my little cousins and the kids had a wonderful time creating, coloring and playing games! What I loved most is that everyone was getting involved, including the parents.

Here are a few pics of the decor and great activities we were able to enjoy during our fun play date!

I printed out activity sheets for the kids, to supplement the ones we were sent in our Duplo party kit.  The kids were each able to colour and decorate their own Lego man!  They had lots of fun with it, and even the little ones were able to get in on the colouring action and use the stickers.  We also did a game of Pin the Chick on the Farm.  The grown ups and kids alike got in on this one, and the kids had a good laugh when we kept missing!  The munchkins enjoyed Animal Crackers, M&Ms and some other fun snacks.  I'll admit that by the end of the party all of the M&Ms were gone.... But that had NOTHING to do with the kids!  lol!  We decided not to snack too much, as we enjoyed a huge Mexican meal afterward for dinner!  It was a fantastic opportunity to get together, and watch the kids play. 

The kids built all kind of towers and castles with the Toddler Starter Building Set.  D told me at one point that she was building "Ariel's grotto" and I loved how everyone teamed up, the older kids helping the little ones out to build with their toddler sized blocks.  L had fun with the Toddler Build & Pull Along, and was dragging his "car" around for most of the evening going "brummm brummmm!"  The older kids were building towers as high as they could, to see how big they could make them before one of the little ones would knock it over.

To wind down after the party, we sat down and did worked through the Bricks and Books sets that were sent to us.  It was a fun way to allow the little ones to play along with the stories.

I sent the kids home with their activity books, crayons and stickers.  They were all pretty jazzed and asked when we could have another Duplo party!  Guess I'll have to start planning for round 2.  :)

All in all, it was a fantastic time and it's so great to see that Lego Duplo is a toy that will last for years to come.  Not only is it quality, but the proof here is that kids from the ages of 11 months to 10 years old were all cooperatively playing at this play date - and they ALL had an equally fantastic time!  Thanks to Mom Central Canada for this way cool opportunity -- I look forward to the many years ahead of us enjoying our awesome Duplo!  

Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.