The Mommy Hook Review & #Giveaway - Ends Feb.28/13, CAN.

One of my favourite things to do with the kids on a nice day is to walk to the nearby stores, browse Winners and Jysk, then pick up something different to make for dinner at Safeway. I often will take the double stroller, as by the time we get home it's been a few solid hours of walking (D's not-so-little feet get tired) and depending on how "spendy" I'm feeling that day I sometimes come home with quite a haul of stuff! 

When I found out about The Mommy Hook stroller hanger, I KNEW I had to try it out! It's perfect for such an occasion. The Mommy Hook is a large, heavy-duty aluminum hook, with cushy foam along one side (to prevent sliding) perfect to hang off of strollers, wagons, shopping carts or to hold in your hand and help you carry all of those extra bags!  I love this thing! 

To test it out, I packed up my two cute kids into their stroller and we set out to my niece's birthday party a few blocks away.  Since I'm such a super duper awesome Auntie, my niece's birthday gift was FAR too big to fit in the stroller basket, so I used The Mommy Hook to hang the ginormous gift bag!  It worked wonderfully!  My hands were free to push the stroller through the snow, and the gift remained just as pretty as when I first wrapped it.  

Have I sold you on this thing yet?  Check out www.TheMommyHook.com to find out where to buy one!  Or try your luck and maybe you could win one right here.  :)


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  1. I'd use it for a reusable grocery bag.

  2. I would use it for my water bottle - to attach it to the stroller

  3. i would use it to hold all my reusable grocery bags, they always take up too much room while i am shopping

  4. I would use it to hang my purse from the stroller.


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