Family Friendly: Fairmont Winnipeg #FairmontCooksWithKids

Recently, my daughter D and I were given the opportunity to visit the Fairmont Winnipeg for a fun afternoon with a few other Winnipeg Bloggers and their kids! We were able to spend some time in the professional kitchen (something this self-confessed foodie Mom LOVED!) bake some goodies, and get to know our local bloggin' friends. 

The kiddos piled into the kitchen to roll out some delicious cookies in all sorts of shapes and sizes. D was keen on the elephants, the houses, and the bunnies. Chef Tim Palmer even offered her a future job, due to the precise and uniform way in which she chose to do her cookie decorating... My sweet girl is a little bit of a visual perfectionist. Like Mother, like Daughter I guess! While the cookies were baking, the kids were treated to some tasty ice cream and we were all able to chat with our new friends, and find out a little bit more about what the Fairmont Winnipeg has to offer. 

I had no idea it is such a family friendly establishment. What I love is that they really cater to the youngsters. If you go in for a meal with your children, they will let the children choose their own menu. The way they phrased it was "What do YOU want to eat?" And how wonderful is that? I have a couple of kids who differ greatly when it comes to their appetites. One likes things plain and simple, the other is as adventurous as they come. Kids menus are generally so not made for this! So to give them the freedom to choose speaks volumes for the hotel and kitchen staff. I'm willing to bet those kids' plates are almost always licked clean! And it gets better from there, they also love to invite the kids back into the kitchen to help make their own desserts. Imagine a busy kitchen full of professional chefs who are run nearly off their feet, taking time out to spend with their youngest customers. Awesome, right? I think so! 

The hotel itself has an incredible top floor with a gym, a huge saltwater pool and a sauna. It looks like a great place to get some relaxation in with the family. And if you're not up for an overnight stay, the area is open to the public on a day pass (or more) as well. I have a feeling Little Miss D and I will have to stop in again soon, with her little brother and Daddy in tow for a little bit of away-time right here in good ol' Winnipeg. Have you ever stayed at the Fairmont Winnipeg?  What is important to you when choosing a hotel for your family?