Get Moving in the 'Peg with @FROGBOX #Winnipeg

Having just finished moving a family of 4 from a small-ish side by side to our wonderful new bungalow a few blocks over, I can tell you that there are a few things moving is generally NOT:

1.  It's not fun.  Especially when there are kids involved.  Just sayin'.
2.  It's not a quick and easy process.
3.  It's not cheap, particularly if you hire a moving company to do it all.  
4.  It's definitely not an environmentally friendly process.

Thankfully, FROGBOX is now in Winnipeg.  And how I wish - oh I wish so badly - I had known this when we moved our things!  Between acquiring boxes, assembling them, tracking down roll upon roll of packing tape and packing paper and other packing supplies... I was beyond frustrated.  And I can't even begin to tell you how much junk I threw away after we were finished.  Sad for the environment, and sad for me too. 

FROGBOX takes care of so many of the moving woes for you!  With their amazing, eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, you've got so much less to worry about.  Rent what you need, pop open your boxes and fill them up, move them on over, unpack and send your boxes back.  Done!  At FROGBOX you can rent boxes, wardrobe boxes, moving dollies, and you can even find recycled packing paper to cushion your breakable items.  It's an affordable, and easy way to get things done, whether you're moving a few short blocks away, or clear across the country.  

If you're in Winnipeg, get $10/off your order when you place your order online!  Like FROGBOX on Facebook and Twitter now to stay in the loop on deals and promos in your city.