Bacon, Mushroom & Swiss Steak Sandwich #Recipe #Weeknight Meal

I was scouring the fridge for dinner ideas the other day, when I came up with an admittedly awesome idea for a tasty sandwich. These are hearty, extremely good (if I do say so myself) and they're fun, too!  They make a quick and easy weeknight meal, but you could whip these up for guests in a heartbeat, if you're doing a casual BBQ or get together.  I would buy some fresh bakery kaiser rolls in that case, instead of the basic burger buns which I happened to have on hand.  Try them out for yourself!


1 Pkg. Bacon
1 Pkg. Sandwich Steak 
Swiss Cheese
Button Mushrooms (A handful will do)
Baby Spinach
1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce (I like the Bulls-Eye Guinness)
Hamburger/Kaiser Buns

Start out by getting a frying pan for your bacon, and fry until done.  I like 2 slices per sandwich, and I keep mine on the softer side for these particular sandwiches.  Set bacon aside.  Get out a second non-stick frying pan to cook your sandwich steak.  (You could BBQ too, but for the very short amount of time you'll be cooking, it may not be worth it.  This meat is so thinly sliced it cooks fast.)  Smother your steak in the BBQ sauce, grind some black pepper on top,  and fry it up for approx. 2 mins. per side.  The idea is to get both sides browned, and then get it off the heat.  If you over-cook, it will be chewy.  While the steak is in the pan, top with copious amounts of Swiss cheese, and let it get all melty and delicious.  :)  If your frying pan has a lid, pop it on now to help the cheese melt. 

Toast your bun, then spread a thin layer of Mayonnaise on the top half.  Place your steak on the bottom half.  You may have to cut it in half to fit.  Add your bacon, then top with chopped mushrooms, and Spinach.  Add the top bun, and you are set!  Now, chow down and feel good about yourself because you just made a sandwich that consists of all 4 food groups and is a meal in and of itself.  Whoot!  (Of course, if you're like me you may want to throw in a side or two.  We were feeling extra indulgent that day so we went with Curly Fries, but a simple salad would be fantastic too!)