Like a Ninja, They Don't Leave a Trace: #Winnipeg Bin Cleaning #Review

Welcome to Summertime. The birds are chirping, the kids are busy horsing around outside, and you're working up the motivation to go and hose out that disgusting, smelleriffic residential garbage bin that clearly needs to be sanitized. 

Fun times, no? 

Thankfully, Winnipeg Bin Cleaning has rolled into town just in time to save you from having to do this nasty job yourself. Whoot! That means more time to kick back with a fruity beverage and less time having to do your least favourite (well, my least favourite, anyway) Summertime chore. 

How it Works: 

Once your waste and recycling are picked up by the city, we come to your home with our
state-of-the-art wet steam cleaner. Your bins are then placed in an enclosed unit and exposed to a 3,500 psi, 250 degree Fahrenheit wet steam cleaning. Once cleaned, both inside and out, your bins are treated with an environmentally friendly, biodegradable deodorizer. Finally, your bins are placed where we found them and sealed shut with a Winnipeg Bin Cleaning sticker. 

Why it's Awesome:

Besides the obvious, Winnipeg Bin Cleaning takes care of a few important things that you're not able to do yourself.  After trying out the service myself, I can tell you that my garbage and recycling bins were MUCH cleaner than I'd have been able to get them, in a far shorter amount of time.  They were sanitized and scrubbed clean without any chemicals (like bleach) and with far less water waste.  That means I saved time, saved energy, saved water and did my part to help save the environment simply by having Winnipeg Bin Cleaning to a job for me that I seriously hate doing.  Awesome, indeed!  I can't say enough good things about this clever new local business. 

Want to check them out for yourself?  Visit www.WinnipegBinCleaning.ca for more information.