Maternity Looks for the Modern Mom #Parenting @ThymeCanada

One of the things I learned over the course of my 3 pregnancies was how to dress my pregnant body. When I first was expecting my Daughter, I went through a period of trial and error with how to dress. I bought lots of maternity clothes, but I felt "dumpy" in all of them!  Working in a busy, and trendy boutique style office downtown meant I was surrounded by people with good style -- I had been used to "keeping up" so to speak (because I enjoy fashion!) but my wardrobe seemed to fall downhill fast once the little belly bump decided to make an appearance.  I might have been happy and glowing on the inside, but to be flat out honest, between the all day nausea, the puffy feet and the bed-sheet style baggy clothes I felt like I looked pretty darn gross! 

And this, you guys, this is NOT okay!  No pregnant woman should feel like they have to sacrafice their style for the wonderful function of maternity clothes.  Let's face it, maternity clothes ARE functional.  Nobody wants that discomfort of their too snug pants cutting into their cute bellies, or the shirt riding up over the belly button, or the dress that's just too tight around the middle.  So the majority of us expecting Mommas turn to maternity wear.

And that's why I'm super happy to report that there is a company out there who is finally getting it right when it comes to function AND fashion.  When I made the decision to stop in at Thyme Maternity, everything seemed to turn around.  I found clothes that fit, that looked great and felt even better.  And clothes that kept their high quality look and feel throughout 3 pregnancies.  Then, I just kept adding... Leggings, dresses, beautiful tops, skirts, AMAZING jeans (do check out their jeans!!!) and more.

Enter the THYME MATERNITY Spring Line -- All the style you're used to but with the added structural elements that will increase your comfort throughout all stages of pregnancy.  These are a few of my favourite looks from the new catalogue:

SO cute, right?!  What are your best tips for clothes shopping when expecting?