How I Saved Bedtime #EczemaAndMe

Our bedtime routine has become a little longer, and a little more frustrating than usual lately. My husband and I will get our kids tucked into bed, with their cups of water, their "baby bunny" and 
 "giraffe blanket" respectively, and shut off the lights.  It usually doesn't take 10 minutes before one of the kids is wailing from their room "Mooooooooooom, I'm iiiiiiiitchy!!!"

Why?  It's not bug bite season, obviously, given the -40 degree weather we're having.  They've been vaccinated against chicken pox, so it's unlikely to be that.  No, it's their eczema.  Both of them have it, which is no secret here as I've written about it several times.  And this very cold, very long and very dry winter has been particularly hard on my kids' delicate skin.

My 2 year old son often walks around with his chubby little hands down the back of his pants.  It looks.... bad. lol.  I couldn't figure out if he was playing with his diaper, or what?  Then I went to bathe him and realized his lower back is just so incredibly dry that it's almost bleeding.  It's awful!  I now understand why I can't keep pants on my son.  When he tells me "they're just buggin' me, Mom" and proceeds to strip off his little jeans, he really means it.  His scalp has what looks like "cradle cap" - of course we learned from our doctor early on that in fact it's his eczema. Of all of us in the family, Little Man's eczema is by far the worst.  

My 5 year old daughter's legs are so dry they feel like sandpaper.  Literally.  At bed time, it's usually the Little Miss that begins to call out... And I don't blame her.  If I forget to moisturize her skin that day, she gets so itchy that she can't stop scratching.  Her shins begin to look cracked and the skin just feels horrible.  We have to use moisturizer religiously to keep it under control.

Polysporin has released a new line of Eczema Essentials skincare products.  With the combination of all 3, that dry, itchy skin becomes much more manageable in as little as 3 days.  Included in the line are  a daily moisture cream, a special ointment and a daily cleanser.  I encourage eczema sufferers to try the combination, as with all 3, my husband and I have managed to make our kids a lot more comfortable -- we've saved bedtime!

“Disclosure: I am part of the the POLYSPORIN® Eczema EssentialsTM Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”