Creating #Easter Treats with Kellogg's Rice Krispies #Kelloggers

With my husband being out of town for a few days this week, I needed to come up with some fun activities to keep the kids occupied and happy. Luckily, just in time for Easter, we received our latest box from the #Kelloggers blogger program. It was such a fun one!  We were challenged to create some fun treats for the Easter holiday, and of course lots of lasting memories along the way.

The kids and I decided on making Rice Krispie Easter Eggs to decorate.  We cooked up our marshmallows and butter in a big pot on the stove.  I added a splash of vanilla for extra flavour.  We opted for the stove top method, because as a kid I always enjoyed watching the marshmallows melt down into "goo" - so of course I figured my kids would be the same!  Had I been thinking ahead a little bit, I'd have added some food colouring to the marshmallows as well, but we'll have to save that for next time!

When it came time to form the Rice Krispies into eggs, well, let's just say we had a bit of a mess on our hands.  Both literally and figuratively speaking.  ;)  The kids were lacking any patience to wait for the mixture to cool off, and I wasn't in the mood to deal with that (long week without the hubby, remember? lol!)  So instead, we opted for using a mini muffin tin.  It was perfect!  I actually liked this even better than the original plan, because we ended up with the perfect little bite sized snacks -- And it was SO easy.

I coated the tin with cooking spray, and just formed the mixture in.  We ended up with about 30 individual treats.  What's great about this method is you could actually use it for any holiday -- just decorate with appropriate coloured frosting and candy!  I'd use crushed candy canes at Christmas, Cinnamon hearts at Valentines and so on.  It's very versatile. :)

The kids had a blast squeezing out their coloured frosting, adding some yummy jelly beans and Cadbury eggs, and of course sneaking lots of goodies while working.  Haha!  I did pay for the sugar high later, but it was worth it.  We had such a fun time! 

What are you up to this long weeekend?  Are you planning to make any goodies or decorate eggs with the kids?  

Happy Easter, all!