Send Your Kids Off With Oliver's Labels #Review and Summer Camp Package #Giveaway

With my daughter now finishing Kindergarten (where has the year gone?!) we're gearing up to experience our first "true" Summer Holidays! Being 5yrs old going on 6, the Little Miss is quickly becoming tired of the same old home-daycare routine around our house.  Rather than spend her summer holidays with a bunch of toddlers, she'd much rather be with kids her own age.  And who can blame her?  So I'll be enrolling her in some summer activities to keep her happy and occupied.

What does that mean for us?  It means getting all of her gear together and ready to go for the weeks ahead.  One of the first things that always occurs to me is making sure that all of her stuff is labelled.  How many water bottles, jackets, extra pairs of shoes, hats and other items end up in lost and found boxes across the country?  Haha!  Who knows, but with kids it's common knowledge that stuff tends to just "disappear."

Oliver's Labels have been a go-to brand for us when it comes to labeling items for school, soccer, etc.  My kids and I absolutely love the fun designs and bright colours.  I love how truly steadfast they are!  I know that they hold again and again through the dishwasher, laundry and everyday wear and tear.  

Are your kids enrolled in Summer camp this year?  Oliver's Labels has a Camp Package that's perfect for covering everything from bags and shoes, to clothes, water bottles and lunch boxes.  Here's what's included in the Camp Package:

  • 20 x Original Labels
  • 50 x Mini Labels
  • 14 x Shoe Labels
  • 30 x Iron-on Clothing Labels
  • 35 x Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels
  • 2 x Large Bag Tags
A total of 151 labels and tags for $ 58.99

The Little Miss really liked being able to choose different designs for each type of label, complete with her chosen font.  It's nice to know that this is completely customizable.  I feel good knowing that she really likes her special labels and won't play with them or try to peel them off, and she'll always be completely sure about what's hers.  Recently, I purchased a pair of black splash pants for her to wear to school.  On her first day wearing them, I went to pick her up and the teacher mentioned that Little Miss was confused about which pants were hers, because they looked like just like the boys'!  Well, fair enough.  The stores were sold out of any and all pink rain gear, so I bought black knowing she could pass them down to her little brother eventually.  When we got home I stuck one of her fancy new labels inside the pants.  Problem solved!  Just another quick tip - Rather than adding our home address on the bag tags (such as for travel purposes) I added emergency contact phone numbers.  This way, if we're ever out in a crowded place and lose each other, she'll always have our phone numbers available when she goes to get help.  

Are you sending your kids off to Summer Camp?  Check out the Olivers Labels camp package here.  Want to win a set?  Enter to win 1 Camp Package (Valued at $58.99) Below.  
Contest open Worldwide.  *Winner can only receive 1 prize during this campaign and can not win the same prize again on another blog participating.* 

Good Luck!

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