Sleep Soundly With Baby: Levana OMA Movement Monitor #Review & #Giveaway

When my daughter was born, my first child, I was naturally nervous for the first couple of weeks. While I'd done plenty of childcare in the past, nothing really compares to having your own newborn to love and watch over.  That said, I can't say my fears then come close in comparison to how I felt after my son was born.  True, because he was my second, some things were much easier.  Breastfeeding, for example.  And the basic knowledge that expectations are useless.  But having been on bed rest with him for 5 weeks during pregnancy, with complications and the loss of my twin girls in between my two kids, meant I was very, very on edge.   Looking back, I can see that the reason my baby boy had so much trouble sleeping at night (in addition to the fact that he's always been an eating machine, lol) is because I was a bundle of nerves.  And he felt that.

If I'd had the opportunity to use something like the Levana Oma Movement Monitor, my nights may have been far less restless.  I remember my doctor coming into my hospital room on day 2 or 3 asking if I had slept at all. ... I just shook my head.  I was worried about my boy!  Even when he did fall asleep, I just couldn't stop listening to his breathing.  The bags under my bloodshot eyes were pretty obvious evidence of this.

The Oma Movement Monitor:
Oma™ clips snugly onto baby’s diaper and senses baby’s tiniest movements with a soft, flexible sensor at the belly button area.  Because your baby is in constant contact with the sensor, it is unlikely to give a false alarm, unlike an under-the-mattress monitor. Knowing you will only be alerted if the situation is critical will help you feel more at ease during baby’s deepest sleep. 
If the sensor detects more than 15 seconds of complete stillness, OMA™ will beep loudly to alert you that your attention is required immediately*. 

I love the peace of mind this device gives to parents, giving them the opportunity to get more done around the house, get more sleep or just unwind.  Because the Levana exclusively manufactures baby monitors, they specialize in making them exactly right.  The OMA and all other Levana alarms are digital and wireless, eliminating the risk of cord strangulation.  It's great to know that Levana has baby's safety as a very first priority.  These devices are added reassurance and peace of mind, making them something invaluable to parents.  That said, I always stress the importance of checking on little one yourself periodically -- nothing can replace that! 

The Levana OMA Movement Moniter is available at Walmart.ca for $89.99  
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