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We have had our dog, Nova, for about 2 years now. I remember passing by the Humane Society as a family while running errands one day, and my husband mentioning that we should stop in to "take a look."  At the time, our son was still a newborn.  We wandered in, somehow knowing in the backs of our minds, that we would wander out with another new member of the family.

My husband and I had already discussed owning a dog one day.  I had grown up a cat person and as a child I was so afraid of dogs.  As I got older, I gained more appreciation for dogs and my husband has always, always loved them (and almost always had one of his owm.)  I didn't wish for my kids to know the same anxiety around dogs that I had.  So to me, it was a no brainer.  Introduce them to a puppy they could grow up with early on, and there's not a chance they'd  have the same fears I did.  

We met all kinds of different animals that day, but when we sat down with a staff member they suggested one dog in particular.  Her name (at the time) was Mallory.  We met with Mallory and decided she was the one for us.  A German Shepherd Mix, she was gentle and seemingly very happy.  She was 11 months old, had already been well trained and was able to walk on a leash.  We adopted her then and there, and brought her home the next day.

Nova, as she's now known to us, has grown into my kids' best friend in the world.  When Little Man is afraid at night, he tells me Nova will protect us.  When the kids are feeling sick, they'll snuggle up with her under some blankets.  And for me, I hardly remember life without a dog!  She's wonderful to take out for walks, and provides a ton of entertainment.  She gets into far less trouble than the kids do!  

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*Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Misfits, but all opinions are my own.