Tech 4 Kids: My Little Pony Fash'Ems - The Perfect Small Gift For Kids #Review

Need something small to give to one of your kids as a reward, or maybe to hand out in loot bags? Recently, I came across the perfect little toy that both of my kids happen to enjoy playing with. Fash'ems are cute, squishy little figures that you can dress up and get creative with. We were able to review a few sets of My Little Pony Fash'ems recently, making the Little Miss extremely happy. 

The box we received contained 2 capsule packs, 1 style pack and 1 two pack.  The capsules are not labelled with what's inside (that's part of the fun, you try your luck!) so we did end up with multiple Twilight Sparkles - but when you're 5, these things just don't matter.  Little Miss was excited right away at having "lots of twins" and began acting out an episode of My Little Ponies she'd once seen.  Never underestimate a child's ability to get creative. :)  And who can argue that it's easier to share with the Little Brother when you have doubles?  The clothes the sets came with are fun because they're interchangeable and can go on any one of the ponies.  Unlike some of our other toys and dolls, it's very easy to get these little outfits on and off.  No help fro Mom required, which is something I appreciate because I see how frustrating it can be trying to get complicated outfits on small toys a lot of the time.  It can spoil independent play.  Little Miss had no trouble at all and really got into playing with the Fash'ems for a solid chunk of time.  We're looking forward to collecting a few more of these and having lots of options.  I'll be honest, I'm hoping for a Rainbow Dash!  As mentioned before, these would make great loot bag goodies, rewards for a job well done, or a nice little addition to gifts for any child. 

You can learn about the other varieties of Fash'Ems here!  They're available in My Little Pony, Hello Kitty and Littlest Pet Shop.  Also check out Mash'Ems in Ninja Turtles, Marvel, Pixar and more.