Treat Baby's Senstive Skin: Weleda's All Natural Baby Derma White Mallow and Calendula Diaper Rash Care #Review

Weleda has recently introduced the Baby Derma White Mallow skincare line to its collection.  It's formulated with 100% all natural ingredients, making it the perfect choice to use on your little one's delicate skin.  

Included in the collection are the following: 

White Mallow Body Lotion
Mild lotion to moisturize delicate skin and relieve itching from dryness

Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, this mild, fragrance-free lotion, made with 95% organic ingredients, moisturizes sensitive skin and relieves itching caused by dryness. Organic white mallow and pansy extracts soothe baby’s dry skin and promote the development of healthy-looking skin. Organic coconut oil hydrates with a cooling effect and leaves skin velvety soft, while borage oil and organic safflower seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids, help support and improve baby’s delicate skin barrier.
Tip: For especially dry skin, apply lotion twice a day, morning and night, to keep skin healthy-looking and moisturized. Also suitable for sensitive adult skin.

White Mallow Face Cream
gentle face cream to nourish and calm skin prone to irritation

Sensitive skin - Fragrance free
Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, this fragrance-free face cream, made with 97% organic ingredients, was specially formulated to nourish and relieve itching caused by dryness. Organic white mallow and organic pansy extracts work together to moisturize and calm highly sensitive skin. Organic sweet almond oil and organic sesame seed oil, both rich in soothing vitamin E and essential fatty acids, nourish delicate skin and protect from dryness.
Tip: Use this cream at least twice a day on sensitive skin to help soothe, protect and moisturize. Also suitable for sensitive adult skin

Additionally, the Weleda's Baby Care also includes the well known, PTPA Winner, 

Calendula Diaper Rash Care
Relieves and protects

Baby’s diaper rash gets instant relief with this barrier-forming natural diaper rash cream. It’s gentle, effective relief and protection for delicate skin that’s tender from a distressing diaper rash.
This natural diaper rash cream is formulated with soothing calendula flower extract, breathable beeswax and zinc oxide.  Zinc oxide in our Calendula Diaper Care takes nurturing care of irritation and rashes and protects your baby’s skin with a natural barrier. Redness and inflammation are soothed with organic calendula flower extract that wraps your child in a layer of comforting warmth, like a loving hug. Instead of yucky petroleum that can irritate delicate skin, our natural diaper rash cream contains beeswax that smoothes away dryness and adds a breathable layer of protection to your baby’s precious bottom. Diaper boo-boos go bye-bye with natural Calendula Diaper Care, leaving behind calm, supple skin that’s smooth as a … well, you know.

We were given the opportunity to review all three of these products, and have found them to be helpful.  My son has very sensitive skin, which he's had since birth.  On day 2 he developed a rash that would not clear for a long time, and by the time he was just a few months old he was diagnosed with Eczema.  To this day (now 2 and a half years old) he still has a flaky scalp and very, very dry scaly arms and legs which we're only able to manage with a careful skincare regiment and no scented or harsh soaps.  

Just a couple of days after receiving the products, my son developed a rash on his chin.  We aren't sure what caused it, but I applied the White Mallow Face Cream over night and in the morning.  It didn't take long at all before we noticed the rash disappearing.  The Diaper Rash Cream works very well, too.  I appreciate that it's in a tube as opposed to a jar, as I find that far more hygienic and less messy!  Nothing worse than sticking your fingers into a jar of bum cream and having it stick under your nails (am I alone here?!)  The Calendula Diaper Rash Care  helps prevent rash as well as treating it.  With the White Mallow Body Lotion I've noticed a big difference in my daughter's skin.  She, too, has eczema and hers is concentrated usually on her legs.  We've been using this each night before bed and I'm finding she's complaining far less about itchy skin.  

I look for All Natural skincare as a rule for my kids, as I find the best way to treat their skin ailments is with ingredients that come from the earth.  I've truly tried just about everything out there, including what our doctor recommended and for us, and 100% natural products are what works.  Do you have any tips for treating kids and babies with Eczema?