A Sweet Summer Treat: Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich #Recipe

With the significant number of hybrid-treats listed on Pinterest these days (chocolate oreo brownie cheesecakes, anyone?) it's a wonder to me that I haven't seen more of these dreamy ice creamy treats.  Recently, while browsing lists of restaurants in New York with my daughter and preparing for our upcoming trip, I came across this little gem right here available at the Peter Pan Bakery in NYC. 

Of course, the Little Miss and I decided we HAD to try it.  However, since she won't be coming to the Big Apple with my husband and I, I promised her we'd do up  our own version. 

So we came up with this:

And was it ever GOOD!!!  One doughnut was enough for the two of us to share.  More than enough, actually.  We could have gone one step further and shared it with the Handsome Mister as well, but he was tuckered right out after a long day of being Two, and was ready to settle into bed.  So he had none.  (Maybe he'll share one with his Dad tomorrow, as we bought enough for everybody.)

To make the Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich:

Well, let's face it, I'm great in the kitchen but as a Mom of 2 little shorties I just don't have the time to do homemade doughnuts.  So we marched on over to the local Superstore and picked up two chocolate glazed doughnuts with sprinkles, and a tub of President's Choice Loads of Chocolatey Peanut Butter Treats Ice Cream.  I used a bread knife to carefully cut the doughnut in half, and scooped a generous portion of the ice cream (which was exactly the right consistency) on to the bottom half.  Then I slapped the top half on top of the ice cream and cut the doughnut in half again to make 2 portions. 

Experimenting with the Doughnut/Ice Cream combination is the best part!  Next time I might try something like an apple fritter with a caramel ice cream.  The Little Miss wants to go for a chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate ice cream.  The options are virtually endless!  

These would make a fabulous party treat, would be fun for a family barbeque or to bring over to a friend on a hot day.  Of course, they're good on just an average weeknight, too.  ;)

So this is less of a recipe than it is an "idea" -- but throw your best combo ideas at me!  Or, hey, if you have a stellar doughnut recipe, I'd love to hear about that too.  One day I'd like to try making them from scratch.
Enjoy your summer treats!