Celebrate Father's Day with Single Jo Coffee #Review #TwitterParty

I often tell people who are looking for opinions on single cup coffee machines that my Keurig is my favourite appliance of all time. I joke that if I could save one appliance in a house fire, it would be my Keurig... Except, I'm mostly not kidding! To call me a coffee aficionado is an understatement.  I have 5 varieties of coffee making apparatus' in my home -  No, I'm not exaggerating and yes, I use them all.  And I owe it all to my private high school teachers who allowed us to partake in a German tradition known as Kaffeeklatsch (or "coffee chat") a few times a week in class.  The teachers would supply the coffee - we'd bring our mugs and a positive attitude.  

Since then, coffee has been a daily indulgence for me.  It's one that I have no shame in!  I love the ritual of brewing up my first cup in the morning.  I like a bold, dark roast with a good kick of caffeine.  Some days I add a splash of french vanilla creamer.  Other days I drink it black.  

Do you have a favourite place to drink your morning coffee?  Mine is here:

This is where my Dad used to sit, too.  He loved his coffee as strong as I do, and always with nothing in it.  We'd often sit here on summer mornings as a family, and just reflect on the beauty of the place.  It's so peaceful!  My Dad is no longer with us, but I'll be honoring him this Father's Day by enjoying a cup of Single Jo Coffee.  

Single Jo offers a great selection of Keurig compatible pods including a variety of roasts from Margaritaville, Copper Moon and Club Coffee.  The pods themselves have built in filters, rather than being completely made of plastic.  They offer less waste, and a superior taste!  I was able to try out the Club Coffee Columbian, and Copper Moon Kenyan blends.  I really liked the Columbian blend with a splash of french vanilla creamer.  And in my gorgeous new mug from Single Jo Coffee, it tasted even better!  This Coffee "Rebel" was happy, for sure.  (Want to find out your coffee profile?  Click here and take the quiz!  It's a lot of fun and you'll get some great suggestions about what Single Jo Coffees you might like best.)

Right now, for Father's Day, Single Jo Coffee is offering 15% off your order of 6 products or more.  Why not give your Dad (or your children's Dad) something he'll love and enjoy?  I know if my Dad were here, I certainly would! 

And if you've got some time, please join us at The Ultimate Coffee Twitter Party on June 12th at 9pm EST.  RSVP at Shasher's Life, and make sure you join in the #HAVAJAVA fun!  You could even win a fancy pants new mug, like the one I have pictured above.  (Open to Residents of Canada.)

I hope to see you there!