Thornhill Farms Gluten Free Rice Bites and Cracker Crisps #Review

It seems that more and more people in Winnipeg are turning to a gluten free diet as a means of improving the way they feel.  While many companies are catching on to the current trend and offering gluten free products, I've come across several friends and family who are on the hunt for good, wholesome gluten free alternatives to crackers, chips, breads and more.

While I'm a straight up carb lover (I won't lie, I can pack away a good chunk of homemade french garlic bread more often than I should!) I do like to have gluten-free options stocked in my pantry that are yummy for everyone, for when we have visitors.  So when we were given the opportunity to try Thornhill Farms Rice Bites and Cracker Chips, I was all over it.
The snacks come in a variety of flavours, like Applewood Smokey BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, Sea Salt & Vinegar and my personal fave Cracked Black Pepper and Lime.  All of these are certified gluten-free and they are so good!  They have a non-bland, really crispy texture that works for everyone. 

Check out Thornhill Farms Foods to find out more about the individual products and where to purchase them.

Happy Snacking!