Cloud B Twinkling Firefly Frog #Review

I remember when both of my kids started to show signs of "bad dreams" at night. With my son, it would involve a frantic cry in the middle of the night and usually talk of "spiders crawling in his bed." Poor kid!  I thought at his age - going on 3 next month - that was about as scary as it could get.  Then one night last month, as I put him to bed, he really began to sob and shake telling me he was too afraid to go to sleep.  When I asked him what he was afraid of, I was rather shocked at the answer!  Not monsters under the bed, or giant lions in the doorway like I dreamed about as a kid (...I know.  I was an odd one, lol.)  No.  He was afraid that Zombies were coming to get him.  Zombies?!  Where on EARTH would he have heard about Zombies?  My poor baby!  I had to laugh a little bit -- and of course I had to reassure him that Zombies are not real.  They're not coming to get him, and as usual, Nova our dog would keep him safe. 

Then I remembered an item I'd recently received for review: the Cloud B Twinkling Firefly Frog.  We pulled it out and set it up with some new batteries, set it to "lights only," then I tucked in my little guy and said goodnight.  In the morning, he marched out of his room and the first thing he said, word for word was "Thanks for the new frog, Mommy.  It kept me safe from Zombies."  lol!  I might have melted a little bit.  He's all boy, but he's still my baby.

Cloud B Twinkling Firefly Frog 
Fireflies twinkle in Frog’s belly to create a magical glow that helps ease fear of the dark. This cuddly friend is perfect for enchanted playtime and helps children transition into nighttime. Twinkling Firefly Frog also plays a choice of two soothing sounds: rain with crickets, or lullaby melody.

Soothing cuddly companion
  • Twinkling Firefly Frog helps ease kids from playtime to sleep time
  • Soft glowing fireflies glow in Frog’s belly
Two soothing sounds
  • Rain with crickets
  • Lullaby Melody
Sound box timer and features
  • 45-minute sleep timer
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries; batteries are included

Until now, the Little Man hasn't had any sort of nightlights in his room.  I didn't want to get into the bad habit of him needing light to fall asleep, for all kinds of reasons.  So the fact that the Frog is on a 45 minute timer is perfect for us!  It allows him to fall asleep soundly, and then it stays off for the rest of the night.  It's also easy enough for him to turn on himself if he needs it, meaning I'm not getting woken up in the middle of the night for any requests to turn the lights on.  While we don't usually use the sound functions, they would be AMAZING for a new baby.  If  I'd had this from the newborn stage, I would have used it for sure - This would be a great new-baby gift!  We love our Cloud B toys in this house.   The Little Miss uses her Twilight Lady Bug every night as well, and it's her second one.  My nieces have the Sleep Sheep and the Twilight Turtle as well, given as gifts from us and they love them too.  I stand by the fact that the Twinkling Firefly Frog is fantastic for kids of ALL ages.  As proven by my little Zombie fearing almost-3-year old!  ;)