Stylin' At School With Staples Canada #Review

The school year is off to a great start and my kids couldn't be more thrilled!  I feel incredibly lucky to have two kids who happen to really love learning new things, and just love school in general. 

This year, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Staples Canada to get both of my kids set up for the year ahead in absolute style.  We were able to choose new backpacks and lunch bags for the kids, to make sure they both have everything they need.

Staples has such an amazing selection of school supplies!  They've become my go-to place at the beginning of the year, because I know that I'll find everything I need in one stop - no running all over the city for extra items, and on top of that they always have incredible sales too. 

My kids and I chose their items online and had a lot of fun doing it.

The handsome mister is off to preschool and looking good with his new Lug brand backpack and lunch tote!  

And the little miss is off to Grade 1 (I'm not sure how that happened so fast?!) with this WAY cute pink Foxy Jeans brand backpack, and a Ketto brand lunch bag.  The lunch bag was packed full of pizza , fruit and yogurt and sent off to school this morning, so is not making a photo appearance at this time!

Both kids love their great new bags!  Grade 1 is an important milestone around here as it's the first time my sweet girl has to stay at school for a full day, and stay for lunch.  She was nervous about it at first, but now it's become something she looks forward to.  Yesterday she told me she signed up for a "drumming course" at lunch time - how cool is that?  The fun, easy access lunch and school bags mean she can get her items in and out, eat quickly and move on to fun activities with her friends.  Plus, she told me she's been given lots of compliments on them from her friends - which is kind of a big deal when you're 6.  ;)

I appreciate the great quality items and the excellent prices Staples has to offer when it comes to school supplies, now and throughout the school year.  As mentioned, it has and always will be our go-to stop for Back to School shopping!

Check out Staples.ca for these items, and any other back to school necessities.  

And enjoy the year!