Prepare Healthy, Tasty Meals and Snacks With GLAD #GLADFreshFoodChallenge

GLAD Zipper Bags are a go to around here, for so many reasons. I use them to freeze bulk meats, home made soups, freshly ground coffee and more. But most importantly, I use them for leftovers! Because let's get real here for a second -- Leftovers really aren't my thing. They create additional dishes that need to be washed, they don't always taste that fresh and they take up precious room in my refrigerator! 

That's where GLAD comes in to save the day.  GLAD Zipper Bags are the perfect solution - They keep your food fresh for much longer than a bowl with plastic wrap ever could, and when you're done with them you can just toss them out, making this busy Mom's day a little bit easier.  Works for me!

I was recently asked to participate in the GLAD Fresh Food Challenge and keep my groceries fresh for a solid 2 weeks!  Here's what I did.

I purchased everything needed to make several days worth of salads, chopped up my ingredients and had them pre-made in GLAD zipper bags, ready in my fridge.  When dinner time rolls around, all you need to do is pull out a bag of still fresh greens, dress, toss and eat! 

I also prepared school snacks for my Little Miss ahead of time.  It's a simple, fast way to avoid waste before it's ever created in the first place.  I find with having snacks like cut up fruit and veggies, or meat with cheese (and crackers) ready to grab and go in the fridge, it's far more likely to get eaten. 

One night, I made spaghetti for dinner, then divided the leftovers into 2 servings for lunch the next day.  I portioned it out into 2 bowls and covered with Press & Seal.  That way I was able to quickly microwave the next day, and once again, left overs were used up and we had no waste.  Leftover pasta is one of my only exceptions to the no-leftovers rule, because I've never met a pasta that I didn't love. 

So what are your favorite ways to use GLAD products?  Do you save your leftovers?  Tell me about it in the comments!