Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toys #Review

One of my favorite things about the holiday season now that I'm a Mom (and an Auntie!) is showering my kiddos and my nieces with tons of unique, fun and educational gifts.  I love watching the kids open up their new toys, playing with them and knowing that they're learning new skills along the way.  A possibly unknown fact about me:  When I'm not blogging, I also run a small home daycare.  So I have the added experience of doing the same with my "daytime" little ones, too! 

Fisher Price toys are kind of a go-to around here.  We have more than I could possibly count and the kids are playing with them constantly.  As a part of our daily routine, I try and incorporate our learning based on play.  My kids are all quite young, with my 3 year old son being the oldest around here when my daughter is in school.  So rather than doing circle time, we practice colors and counting while playing with our Fisher-Price Little People, the alphabet song at lunch time, and so on.  It often makes for an interesting day, full of giggles and surprises.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toys 

Smart Stages Vacuum – age 12-36 months ($29.99)  
It’s clean-up time – with a push-along Vacuum that encourages baby to learn through real-world role-play, and features three light-up shape buttons that help teach baby about colours, shapes and letters. Parents manually change the level for content updates.

Smart Stages Mower – age 12-26 months ($29.99)                                                   
Get out and mow that lawn with the push along Mower that engages with baby through creative role-play, and features a number slider, a turn gas cap, a pull lever, and a light-up face to interact with baby. Parents manually change the level for content updates.

My Review:
These toys are just downright adorable, and PERFECT for the active toddler!  I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old here each day, and they love taking turns with the lawn mower and the vacuum, pushing them around the house.  I appreciate that they're learning the little songs and sayings, learning as they play.  And as an added bonus, I've always found the Fisher Price toys to be super cute rather than super annoying to listen to!  I find myself singing along a lot of the time - which is just a part of my job, I guess.  These would make fantastic holiday gifts for any little one on your list, even if they're not yet walking.  The beauty of the Fisher Price Smart Stages toys is that they can sit and play with the buttons and knobs, before they're even able to physically push the toys around.  The Smart Stages toys really do grow with your kids.

Check out FisherPrice.ca for more info on these great finds!