Run Untangled With #Cordskinz Cord Protectors #Review

I've recently decided to start training for a local marathon relay, happening in June.  My brother twisted my rubber arm and it's just the motivation I need to hit the treadmill (and soon the streets!) hard, to get myself into shape before Summer.  

When I run, I need fast paced and - well, I'll be honest - really loud, obnoxious and often totally inappropriate, not-safe-for-small-ears tunes.  Think Notorious B.I.G.  I guess I'm the nearly 34 year old mother of 2, who will never truly grow up.  I'm OK with that. ;) 

Of course, this means when I run, I'm plugged in.  When I'm ready to go there is nothing, I mean NOTHING, more irritating than having to untangle my ear buds before getting my workout started!  The window of time I have between when I tell my kids I'm going for a run on the treadmill, and the time they start taking advantage of being left to their own devices is usually small.  (Go figure!)  I don't like wasting it fiddling with earbud knots.  

I was pretty pumped to come across Cordskinz.  These are exactly what I need.  They slip on super easily and they do the job really well.  I've been "tangle free" for at least a week.  They protect the cords if you need to stuff them in your gym bag, or purse.  Plus, they're seriously so cute!  I'm a big fan of Neon colours.  Chalk it up to nostalgia or whatever, but even though I dress in neutrals about 99% of the time, when it comes to workout wear, the brighter the better in my books!  I was able to try out a pair of these babies in Neon Yellow and Lime Green.  

Love them!!! 

Cordskinz are available for purchase at www.cordskinz.com 

Untangle your workouts!  So worth it.  :)