Top 10 Easter Basket Goodies For Your Kids - NO Chocolate!

When it comes to Easter, I know a lot of parents struggle to find Easter Basket goodies that are not chocolate.  If there is chocolate ANYWHERE in my house, my kids will find it.  (As evidenced by the empty chocolate chip bag I found in my storage closet downstairs last week.)  This is moderately entertaining to watch, but the sugar high they find themselves on after stuffing their faces with foil wrapped chocolate eggs is absolutely crazy.  Add family dinners, church services and overall "excitement" to the mix and the holiday suddenly becomes way more stressful than I care for it to be.

Not this year!

I've compiled a list of items you can tuck into an Easter basket that will NOT have your kids going from a hyperactivity level of 0 to 100 by 9am.

You're welcome.

1.  Think Spring time outdoors.  The kids have been cooped up all Canadian winter long!  Try Skipping ropes, "old school" Jacks, Bouncy balls and Bubbles.

2. For the Toddler set, a fun cutlery set in their size is great to get them eating their veggies.  Also, sippy cups with their favourite character on them, or dishes.

3. Pyjama sets or cute T-shirts

4. Craft stuff!  My kids use this stuff up within days, so I'm always stocking up our craft drawers with more Markers, Glue, Glitter, Paint, Paint Brushes and of course (of course!) Stickers!

5.  Temporary Tattoos

6.  Small, inexpensive toys.  Try things like Mini Lala-Loopsie, or Littlest Pet Shop, Hot Wheels cars, Action Figures or even trading cards. 

7.  Lip Balm.  My kids and I really like Bare English & Co balm - all natural and some great flavors to choose from!

8. Socks!  Who doesn't love some brightly coloured, fun socks?

9.  Flip Flops.  They're cheap, cute and scream "almost Summer!"

10.  Bicycle Accessories.  Why not get them all set for hitting the road?  Try smaller items like knee pads, streamers, bells, lights or reflectors. 

Go forth, Bunnies!  Make your kids smile this Easter and keep on smiling yourself, right through the sugar-free Holiday.