Weetabix #MyBixMix Challenge - Breakfast Goodness!

Let's chat about how much I used to not love breakfast.  I've been a coffee addict since I was in my teens  I've also been anti-breakfast since around then, and I KNOW how terrible that is!  For years all I would need in the morning was a cup of coffee (*cough* or 3...) to kickstart my day, and then I'd have a late morning snack around 10am.  In high school it was often the cafeteria lady's infamous cheese buns.  If I could go back in time just to grab one of those when they're fresh out of the oven (and then promptly leave, because high school, duh...)  I so would.  Yum-o! 

Anyway!  After having my kids and beginning to focus more on myself and the health of my body, I've been able to curb that bad habit.  It is so important to fill up on a healthy breakfast in the mornings.  It helps to avoid nasty cravings, and gets your metabolism going.  It also gives you the energy required to chase after a room full of toddlers - which is what I do for a living.  These kids keep me on the go!

So when I was offered the opportunity to sign up for the Weetabix #MyBixMix Challenge, I was immediately in.  The premise was to try out Weetabix for 2 weeks, keep those energy levels up and change up the cereal in as many ways as possible!

Here's a pic of my favourite bowl: 

Check out that pile of perfect looking raspberries!  Simple and so tasty.  I love fresh berries so I found a lot of ways to incorporate those.  The milk on top was fresh and good, but I really enjoyed breaking up the Weetabix and crumbling on top of greek yogurt, or even using half of one in a smoothie just to add a little more sustenance as well!   

I found the Weetabix kept me full through to lunch, and I wasn't reaching for my bad go-to snacks, or any slices of cold pizza at 10am like I've been known to do once or twice.  

Try it out the #MyBixMix challenge for yourself!  And let me know in the comments how you like it.