Misfit Shine Fitness & Sleep Monitor #Review #HealthyLiving

While I generally try to keep an active lifestyle and live healthfully, I'll admit to a couple of things:

1. It takes work.  I honestly love running... but I also love sitting on the couch, eating pizza & drinking wine.  Like, a lot. So keeping myself motivated is always something I strive for. 

2. Summer does me no favors! While most people see Summer as a prime opportunity to run outdoors, go for bike rides and workout in the backyard I tend to find myself relaxing at the lake, meandering down to the boathouse fridge to grab a beer and then slowly wandering over to my neighbor's deck for snacks and cocktails while the kids play.  I mean... Running, guys?  Pfffft, nah.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

I was offered the opportunity to review the Misfit Shine Fitness & Sleep Monitor from Sport Chek.  I have to tell you, this thing does its job well.  It arrived just in time for my Mid-July Summer fitness slump.  I was literally on my way to the lake to partake in some killer cream cheese dips (which I happen to be Queen of), martinis and a little Swimming - When it showed up on my door step.  Perfect!

The idea behind the monitor is that it helps you set and reach your Fitness and sleep goals, by lighting up throughout the day as you progress through your activities - thereby motivating you to keep going.  The monitor syncs up to your phone/tablet via bluetooth, and the available app makes it extremely easy to set your goals and activities before you get going.  With just a quick tap of your device in the morning, you can find out how restful your sleep was the night before.

What sets the Misfit apart from other other monitors available is its modern and sleek look.  There's nothing clunky or even obviously "sporty" about it and with the available accessories (Watch bands, pendants, etc.) it's both versatile and fashionable. 

I had a several compliments on the Misfit in the first week of wear.  It looks like a sleek watch, so it was fun to talk about what it does and how well it works!  It turns out that I'm a little more active at the lake (sometimes) than I expected, and that walking to the local patio for dinner and drinks is better than driving.  ;)  Go figure?  And hey, it definitely makes me feel great when I go for a run and watch the tiny lights glitter away as I keep on moving towards my goal. 

To find out more about the Misfit Shine, visit the website here. Check out Sport Chek to snag one for yourself!