Thursday, September 24, 2015

Save Handwriting in Canadian Schools! #BICFFYW

I am the first to admit that I love new gadgets and technology... But when it comes to taking notes, I'm a pen and paper kinda gal.  Nothing beats a good medium ballpoint black ink pen.  I love to doodle, and these make the perfect tool.  

With tablets and smartphones becoming the norm in schools and work places across the country, good, clean handwriting is becoming a lost art.  Moreover, it's far less a priority in Canadian schools than it ever was, meaning kids are losing out on this critical stage in development and education.

BIC is asking Canadian families to pledge to save handwriting with the Fight For Your Write campaign.

60% of learning in school happens before lunch making breakfast food, brain food. That’s why BIC Fight For Your Write is also partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada and donating $10,000 directly to the organization and giving an additional $10,000 (retail value) of stationery supplies to Canadian schools in need.

Check out to take the pledge and learn more about the cause! 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alfred Sung at Mark's #FallFashion #Review

One of my favorite things about Fall (aside from Pumpkin flavored everything) is Fall fashion!  I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but there's just something about layering up in cozy sweaters, scarves and a cute pair of boots.  When I'm not obsessing over bohemian style dresses and flowy tops, I like to add a little bit of 90s flair and edge to my wardrobe.  Colder weather is perfect for that.  Think short floral dresses with leggings, boots and a black leather biker jacket.  I was always an artsy kid... Some things never change. 

Except for the fact that now, in addition to being artsy I'm also a Mom!  I look for quality, versatile pieces to add to my closet.  I like knowing that my hard earned cash is going towards clothes that make me feel good, and clothes that will last!  Gone are the days in which I had hours upon hours to spend at the mall.  When my kids are with me, I'm in and I'm out - fast.  

Mark's is such a fun place to shop.  I find they have a little something for everyone.  Last winter I purchased an extremely practical pair of very warm Winter boots there for myself.  They're like wearing warm, squishy, furry, happy clouds of love on my chunky feet.  Haha!  Really, though.  I've raved about them a lot, to anyone who cares to listen.  I should have spent the money on boots like that years ago!  

Mark's offered to send me an outfit to check out from their new Fall line by Alfred Sung.  

The first thing I noticed was that the quality is second to none.  These clothes will not wear out fast, they will last through laundering and the everyday life of a busy Mom, either in or out of the workforce.  

The Double Hoop Necklace is super cute - I'm obsessed with it and have been wearing it a lot, with all kinds of outfits.  It easily dresses up something more casual like a tank top and jeans, and it's the perfect touch to something more formal.  I'll be wearing it to a wedding this Saturday with a cobalt blue v-neck dress.  Love!  

The Ottoman Dress turned out to be not quite my style.  The quality is incredible.  The fabric is thick and textured.  The sleeves are a nice length and actually I love that the dress is not too short.  I'm not sure whether I ordered a size slightly too big, or whether it's just a looser fit, but it was not flattering on me at all.  I'll be passing it along to a friend!  It's still a gorgeous dress on the right person, but this free spirit just isn't diggin' it.  

As for the Rib Knit Riding Leggings... GO!  Go now and buy yourself like 6 pairs.  They are amazing!  They are thick, warm, comfortable and wonderfully structured so they hold in any mommy-tummy you might have leftover from giving birth to your *cough* now 4 year old ... And they are ridiculously versatile.  They go with everything.  In fact I'm wearing mine today with a black tank and a cuffed sleeve chambray button down shirt.  I beyond love them and I want more!  

I'm looking forward to seeing what Mark's has on offer for Winter wear.  How about you?  Check it out at


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tips For Decorating Baby's Room

If you are soon going to get a new member in your family, and you are looking for some ideas how to decorate his or her room, you just came to the right place. Many people around the world struggle with that, but many people also find answers to their questions and make an amazing baby’s room. In order to make that happened for you, today Born 2 Be Mom is going to share some useful tips. That will help you get inspired while decorating your little bunch of joy’s room! So, get inspired and start making your dream nursery right now!

Start with a crib
Usually, the crib is the most important item in the whole baby’s room, well because the baby is in it! So start decorating and find the style of this room from this essential furniture. Afterward, it can be a nice start to decorate around and find the best possible décor elements for the room. Also, don’t wait too long to purchase the crib. With so many of it available online, you need time for delivery. Backorders, damage from shipping and other problems can set you back for weeks. So you better start shopping for a crib as soon as you get the idea about the baby’s room. At that is usually pretty soon.

Decorate reasonably
Babies tend to grow really fast, and in order to make his or hers life more pleasurable and save, you need to remember this while decorating the room. So plan a room that works for a one week old, a six-month-old, and a one-year-old and maybe beyond that. You don't want to redecorate constantly. It only gets expensive and super problematic, because redecorating weeks can get long and very exhausting. So think a little bit ahead into the future and avoid spending money in places where you can definitely save it.

Make it personal
One of the best ways to make any room cute and nice to be in is to personalize it as much as you can. Add cute baby pictures, paintings and toys and create a little cozy world for your little baby. You can even make a little bears family that represents yours, and make it as personal as you want. To make that, visit one cool and super fun Build-a-Bear store. There you can make yourself a bear, or just get some cute décor elements and create a special theme for the whole nursery room. For instance – Star Wars! So it is really the matter of your imagination and wallet. But if your wallet doesn’t give you much of the freedom, then look for Build-a-Bear coupons from and save money on everything you find at this store. So make that baby’s room as personal as you want and create a unique and sentimental environment. 

Buy paint the last
It is really hard to decorate if you first painted the room before buying furniture for it. So to make more freedom for you, shop for other stuff than paint first. Get a crib, a rocking chair, a changing station and other cute little décor elements. Only then look for paints that will complement all these furniture. It will definitely be much easier and you can experiment more too! And you know what, just think outside of the box! Mix and match items from the bed sets, and paint the room in a way that makes sense to you. Just have lots of fun doing that! At the very end, it is your baby whose coming and it should be a nice occasion to create a new room.