Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weetabix #MyBixMix Challenge - Breakfast Goodness!

Let's chat about how much I used to not love breakfast.  I've been a coffee addict since I was in my teens  I've also been anti-breakfast since around then, and I KNOW how terrible that is!  For years all I would need in the morning was a cup of coffee (*cough* or 3...) to kickstart my day, and then I'd have a late morning snack around 10am.  In high school it was often the cafeteria lady's infamous cheese buns.  If I could go back in time just to grab one of those when they're fresh out of the oven (and then promptly leave, because high school, duh...)  I so would.  Yum-o! 

Anyway!  After having my kids and beginning to focus more on myself and the health of my body, I've been able to curb that bad habit.  It is so important to fill up on a healthy breakfast in the mornings.  It helps to avoid nasty cravings, and gets your metabolism going.  It also gives you the energy required to chase after a room full of toddlers - which is what I do for a living.  These kids keep me on the go!

So when I was offered the opportunity to sign up for the Weetabix #MyBixMix Challenge, I was immediately in.  The premise was to try out Weetabix for 2 weeks, keep those energy levels up and change up the cereal in as many ways as possible!

Here's a pic of my favourite bowl: 

Check out that pile of perfect looking raspberries!  Simple and so tasty.  I love fresh berries so I found a lot of ways to incorporate those.  The milk on top was fresh and good, but I really enjoyed breaking up the Weetabix and crumbling on top of greek yogurt, or even using half of one in a smoothie just to add a little more sustenance as well!   

I found the Weetabix kept me full through to lunch, and I wasn't reaching for my bad go-to snacks, or any slices of cold pizza at 10am like I've been known to do once or twice.  

Try it out the #MyBixMix challenge for yourself!  And let me know in the comments how you like it.


Spring Harvest with #GLAD - It's BBQ Season!

'Tis the season for picnics in the park, backyard BBQs and time at the lake.  My kids and I love to spend as much time outdoors as we can when it gets nice outside.  Especially after our long (and very cold) 'Peg city winters!  This means enjoying our meals outdoors as well, whether we cook over the fire, on the BBQ or pack up a picnic and haul it over to the nearest park. 

Glad has such an amazing collection of products to make your Spring time festivities a piece of cake!  

I'm seriously in love with GLAD Lunch to Go Containers.  Like, actually.  If these things had existed when I was working in an office downtown, I'd have been one happy little worker.  I've always liked packing a compact lunch, all in one little box.  Why?  I don't know.  It just feels... tidier?  With the GLAD Lunch to Go, salads stay fresh and crispy, dressing is stored in a small compartment in the lid.  You could use these for all kinds of different foods.  Veggies and fruit with dip, even food you want to heat up later like a few chicken fingers and honey dill sauce... mmm... honey dill.  These are the ideal picnic companion!  Check them out for yourself!

Another thing I love to do is marinate my meat in GLAD Freezer Zipper Bags.  When I'm feeling organized I'll often throw my marinade and my chicken in the bag before freezing.  The day before I plan to BBQ, I'll thaw it in the fridge and when I'm ready to feed the family my meat is ready to go.  Yum yum. 

How do you use GLAD products to make your outdoor meals a success?  Any tips?  Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sponsored: Knorr - Flavours of Home

I've always been into food.  As a child, I wasn't picky.  I didn't love my veggies, but I'd eat them happily with a good helping of cheese sauce.  I was and still am willing to try just about anything;  From kangaroo in Australia, to escargots (which I love) to whatever.  There is very little I will not eat!  In fact, I did one of those silly quizzes on Facebook not too long ago and out of 80+ different foods, there was only one I said "no" to:  Liver.  Afterward, I realized that I adore liverwurst on a slice of fresh bread, and would often eat this as a child.  So I guess liver isn't out of the question, either.  Ha! 

All of that being said, there is absolutely nothing as delicious as a Mom-made meal.  Foods from my childhood fill my mind and heart with nostalgia.  I believe that most people feel the same way.  My Grandma made the most amazing, soft and flaky buns.  My Oma cooked the best, most flavorful cabbage rolls.  My Mom's pizza is second to none.   As often as I try and re-create some of these favourites, they just never quite measure up to the originals, made with so much love. 

Knorr recognizes that flavours resonate with people.  Specifically, flavours tied to the home cooking one grew up with can be tied to feelings and emotions, and can bring back an onslaught of memories from childhood.  The following video is a perfect example of how a home cooked meal can almost transport you back to your roots - no matter where you are, or how long you've been gone.  If you're a sap like me, grab a tissue.  Someone was cutting onions in here!  

 Disclosure:  This post has been sponsored by Knorr, but all opinions shared are my own