5 Amazing (Budget!) Kids Playroom Design Ideas

When you're trying to design a kids' playroom for your little ones on a budget there's surely a lot going on in your head. But what happens when you've stretched your ideas to their logical breaking point and you are unable to complete the project as planned? By consulting this helpful guide to budget kids' playroom design choicecs, you can finish the job, while keeping costs to an absolute minimum! 

1. Cube Storage
Between the presents they receive from their parents, grandparents and other extended family members, children often end up with more toys, games and random knickknacks than they know what to do with. Especially with the great discounts on Build-A-Bear toys available with Discountrue.com coupons, it's not difficult to succumb to the temptation to gift your kids with something special. To create additional storage space in your kids' playroom and keep costs down, utilize cube storage for the walls. This provides a great place to stash extra books and toys, without laying waste to your original budget! 

2. Wall Stickers
One of the most costly additions that you will have to make to your children's playroom is the wallpaper. But did you know that there is a very easy workaround that can be implemented for a fraction of the cost, without making any design sacrifices? When you need to break up a blank space, let your children choose their own wall stickers. This also gives them the chance to switch things up as they get older and their taste changes (which it surely will). 

3. Add a Canopy
For those of us out there with little girls who want their playroom to resemble the sleeping quarters of a fairy princess, adding a canopy is a wonderful way to dress up the room a bit, without having to break the bank. Draping a pink canopy over the bed or another common area is a nice touch, as it adds a little bit of magic and gives the room a unifying theme. 

4. Showing Some Patriotic Pride
It is never too early to teach your child how to have pride in their heritage and covering one of their walls with a crisp national flag is a wonderful way to decorate their playroom, while saving money. These flags look especially nice with a neutral backdrop and you can also purchase matching lamps and furniture to complete the look. 

5. Reusing Older Picture Frames Reusing
old picture frames gives the kids' playroom a more personal touch, as they can be used to create displays in the play area that trumpet past accomplishments or simply serve as a place to keep those adorable old photographs from when they were even smaller. If you have some favorite keepsakes or old pictures that you'd like to put in the playroom, you can't go wrong with using older picture frames.



Playtex Diaper Genie Elite #Review and #Giveaway #Canada

I have changed a LOT of diapers over the years.  I'm confident in saying I've changed hundreds more than the average parent; Unless said average parent has also spent a number of years working in the Childcare industry. Or maybe a parent with just a ton of kids - but that's not so average these days, is it?  I remember my daughter's first bum change.  The nurse looked at me and said "well, I can see you've clearly done this before!"

Experienced or not, diapers are gross.

My kids are now 4 and 7 years old, but with a home daycare going on, I still deal with diaper changes every weekday, between the hours of 8am and 5pm.  With 2 toddlers in the house, that still equates to quite a lot of mess. 

Usually, I throw any soiled diapers straight into the bin outside.  The problem with this is that Winnipeg can be really, REALLY cold sometimes!  I'm far less likely to tipsy-toe outside in the -30, even to dispose of something uber-stinky.  I don't have any form of diaper pail in my house anymore. I tossed ours when we my son was done with diapers a couple of years ago.  So on days like this, they end up tied in a plastic bag and thrown in my kitchen trash bin, until the end of the day.  And that, my friends, is disgusting. As I'm sure you can imagine.

Hey ho, Diaper Genie Elite!  I am so happy I've found you!  This guy keeps the smell out, and what I love about it is how EASY it is to use.  I like it so much more than the bin I had when my kids were tiny.  Placing the diaper into the bin is as simple as using a trash can with a foot pedal.  (MUCH more sanitary!)  And while that is hugely important to me, what I really, really appreciate about the Diaper Genie Elite is the front tilt bin to remove the bag once it's full.  With my old bin, there was like a 3-step bag removal process, which ALWAYS resulted in a disgusting smell being released into the room (and my gagging) and this big production trying to secure the lid back on, after I was finished.  It was fiddly and time consuming - 2 things which are extremely irritating when you're busy with your small baby.  Not so, with the Diaper Genie! You just pop the front panel open, grab the top of the bag and pull through the built in bag-cutter and you're on your way.  Game changer!!!

The Diaper Genie Elite has been a very welcome addition to my home daycare space.  I adore it. I  chose a pretty, light gray for my home but this particular Diaper Genie is available in Gray, White, Pink or Blue to compliment the colours of your little one's nursery!

Lucky for you, I'm able to give away a Diaper Genie Elite to one of my readers!  Yahoo!  Enter the contest below, and be sure to check out all the great reviews of the Diaper Genie Elite on Amazon.ca  Also, don't forget to check back with this Winnipeg Mom Blog soon, to enter more sweet Giveaways! 

Contest is open to residents of Canada. Ends on April 26, 2016.

Good Luck!

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Get Moving with Pink Ice Energy #ProductReview

I've found myself in somewhat of a "slump" lately.  While the weather is (was?) finally taking a turn for the better, I've been trying to find the energy to get moving again.  I've signed up for a 10k run in June, and am really trying to get a start on my Spring cleaning around the home.  Meanwhile, I'm digging deep for the motivation and the energy to get this stuff done!

I was contacted by Pink Ice Energy at EXACTLY the right time.  I knew right away this product would be a perfect fit for my lifestyle, and for all of you!  

About Pink Ice Energy: 

Pink Ice Energy™ is a completely new way to get your daily boost of vitamins, minerals and energy. Fast, and convenient – it’s vitamins, energy and fresh breath in one

At only 5 calories per sachet, you are getting the energy you need without sacrificing your healthy diet. 

Pink Ice Energy has been approved by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product.

To use Pink Ice Energy -- Open a single serving sachet. Pour crystals in your mouth. Swirl them around and let them dissolve. Then swallow – it’s fast and easy.   No water needed.

I LOVE this stuff.  I have found myself grabbing a sachet from my purse, on my way out the door so many times now. I am a coffee drinker, but sometimes I literally don't have time to grab a coffee and take it with me.  Sometimes, I don't want to be hauling a drink around in my hand! I have bags to carry, and often a wagon to push, full of daycare kids!  I've used Pink Ice Energy before morning workouts, on my way out to get groceries at 3pm (when, admittedly, I would rather be enjoying a Couch + Pinterest session.) And one time, I used it for a late night energy boost so that I could enjoy a movie date with my sweetie, without falling asleep. Is that embarrassing?  I know there are a lot of other Moms out there who can relate. By the time my kids are in bed at 7:30pm, I'm often ready to crash myself. Ha. Just saying. 

I've become a huge fan of this product.  It tastes great and it 's like a grownup version of jacked up, healthy Pop Rocks.  I work with kids for a living, so I'd be lying if I told you I'm not a kid at heart. This appeals to my inner goofball, while giving me the energy to go about conducting (and rocking at!) my adult life.  

I'm sold!  If you are too, you should have a look at www.PinkIceEnergy.ca for more information or to grab yourself a box of the good stuff.  Pink Ice Energy will be available throughout stores in Canada this Spring, so keep your eyes peeled!