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Oliver's Labels began when its founder, Debbie, decided to come up with a way to keep her nephew Oliver from losing so much stuff. She saw a demand for high quality labels, and used her experience in the printing industry to create what's now known as Oliver's Labels. These labels have a strong hold backing, for use in dishwashers and laundry machines (they're quite durable), many colour and design options, and feature a unique Found-it Tracking System for lost items.

For review I was sent a selection of Oliver's Labels, in the Nature Design. The package includes:
All of these, except for the Mini-Labels feature the Found-it Tracking System, a free service provided by Oliver's Labels. When an item is found, the finder is directed to the website and can punch in a code on the label. Oliver's Labels can then contact you, the owner, to notify you that your missing item has been found and will connect you with the finder to retrieve it. The Original Labels are great for things like cups, dishes, bottles, pencil cases and books or anything else you can think of. Mini labels would be handy on pens and pencils, or other small, personal items. All of the labels are brightly coloured, and pretty darn cool looking, so kids will be more than pleased to show them off!


Ranging from $4.99 - $19.99 per set.

My Thoughts:

When these came in the mail, I was thrilled! The labels arrived just in time for our day trip to the Zoo. I packed my daughter a lunch, and tested out one of the Original Labels on her favourite Dora sippy cup - and when I say "favourite" I mean she carries this thing under her arm everywhere we go! If we ever lost it, she'd probably just stop drinking altogether, lol. The cute, pink label stayed put despite my daughter's best efforts to pry it off, and after we came home I ran it through the dishwasher with no problems. I've also gone ahead and put the shoe labels into the new sneakers we bought, and they seem to be holding up very well, too. I really like the fact that if someone finds one of our lost items, we have a much better chance of it being returned with the Found-it System. I know from experience that I've often found children's cups, hats, sweaters, etc. laying on the playground and would have loved to return them, but had no way of finding the owner. This is such a simple, but effective solution to that! Oliver's Labels sells each style of label individually, and in combo packs. I'm considering purchasing the Preschool Package as it covers everything a little one might need labeled, whether they're in preschool yet or not! My daughter is only 2, but she's old enough now that we're starting play dates and often find ourselves in places filled with other kids. Things go missing so easily once toddlers start running around, and like to have control of everything... At least this way, I can rest assured that if something disappears, we're more likely to get it back!

Where To Buy:

Oliver's Labels (Free Shipping on orders over $30 - Canada/US)

I received this product at no cost to post a review of my honest opinions of the product. All opinions stated in this review are my own and I was not compensated in anyway for a positive review


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