Shick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor - Reader #Reviews

Recently, I was able to provide a selection of readers with the opportunity to try out the Shick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor and submit their reviews for a chance to WIN at Born 2 Be Mom. Here are their reviews!


"I consider myself pretty lazy, probably because I have 2 little ones and barely have any time for myself, so this razor is perfect for lazy girls like myself. I really like that when I need to shave, I don't have to lather any cream. I can just wet my legs, shave and I'm ready to go. At first I wasn't sure if the big moisturizing bar would get in the way of a close shave, but it didn't. In fact, this razor gave me a very close shave without nicking myself!  I also really like how my sensitive skin isn't irritated during the shave and kept my skin pretty moisturized. My biggest plus isn't even the razor, but rather the holder that comes with it. I have a pretty small bathroom and anything that I can stick on the wall high up and away from the kids makes it even better!"  -- Jeannie L. 

"I love this razor! I love the convienece of not having to use any shaving cream/gel when shaving my legs, as the conditioning bar on the razor does a great job! I used it in the shower,and with water it became very sudsy and let me shave smoothly with no knicks or cuts. I have shaved about 3 times so far and the conditioning bar is still hardly worn down, so I`m thinking it will last a while. I would prefer the razor to be a little smaller as I find it a little bulky for my hands, but overall I love it and will probably purchase it when I need a new razor.  It is also great for overnight trips, or short vacations,as you do not need to bring any shaving cream with you,just the razor. I also love the suction cup holder, so I can attach it to my shower wall and out of the way."  -- Karla S. 

"I love that the Schick razor is surrounded by the built in shaving cream, which is convenient and saves me time to use a separate shaving cream. Usually when I use other razors, I need to apply lotion afterwards due to dryness but after using this Schick razor with shea butter, it moisturizes my legs really nicely and save me the step of applying lotion. Furthermore, the packaging of this razor is much better than their previous all plastic packaging as it is more environmentally friendly. I would definitely recommend this razor as it saves me time and makes shaving much more enjoyable." -- Cassey C.

 "The built in shaving soap is really handy and the suction cup attaches this bigger than average razor nicely to the tile in the corner of my tub.  The larger size also gives me a good grip. Initially I thought I might use it only for travel but for now it has replaced my regular smaller sized shaver.  Thanks for the razor and refills!" -- Birgit G.

"The razor itself is packaged in a nice box. I think the inner packaging of the razor itself was a little too excessive.  The concept of the soap around the blades was unique and did provide some moisture lather. The problem with the razor I found was when I went to clean the hairs out of the blades by tapping it against the side of the sink, the blade head fell off. Of course since it was wet and lathered it was rather slimy to reinsert the blade head back on. Again I rinsed it under water and went to tap it against the side of the sink to get the hairs to fall off and again the blade head clunked off. This was rather disadvantageous with a lot of hair to shave to keep repeating this process. "-- Roger S. 
"The Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor is everything I've ever wanted in a razor. The four blades and the moisturizing solid work together to make shaving so quick and comfortable! There is no need to use slippery shave gel or go over your legs again and again. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth with no irritation in record time. The scent was really pleasant and I love the thick, easy-to-grip handle. This razor is now a permanent fixture in my shower!"  -- Jonnie H. 
"Despite its larger size, this razor felt comfortable in my hands and I appreciated the rubber grips on the handle to give me greater control of the razor.  The shea butter shave bar smelt wonderful, a fresh and clean scent.  While shaving with this razor I just wet it in the shower and proceeded to shave. The shave bar lathered up and eliminated the need for a shave gel.  I was leary about getting a close shave as I felt the shave bars would prevent a close shave.  However I was quite surprised that I got a close, comfortable shave.  My legs felt soft, moisturized and were hair-free.  I was quite impressed with this razor and would definitely recommend it to others to try."  -- Amy M 

"I think the idea of a conditioning bar and razor in one is a great innovation by Schick! It really saves time especially on those busy mornings. However I think the actual product is a little lacking, too bulky and my hair gets stuck in the razor itself. I do like the packaging of the product, and the fact that it comes with a replacable blade/conditioning bar. The conditioning bar works great at lathering and makes my legs really smooth." -- Maelin C. 

Thanks to all of you for all of the fantastic reviews!  Good luck!